Gotta Full Plate?...

The history of the food pyramid, of which I found several articles with varying data, overlap in 1972 with the food pyramid. As the world evolved, the food pyramid didn't evolve with it for 18 years. According to Louise Light, "...the wholesale changes made to the guide by the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture were calculated to win the acceptance of the food industry."

Noting 6-11 servings of carbohydrates were recommended as the foundation and fast forward to research today citing high glycemic diets set the stage for wonky moods and poor health.

Over the decades numerous diets have been created with both myth and might behind them yet determining what to follow can be a nightmare. How many times have you tried a diet just give up and feel bad about yourself?

Even the morphing from a pyramid to MY PLATE is flawed. Most notably, despite fats playing a crucial role in our mental and physical well being, MY PLATE has no room for it.

After your next meal, take a beat should you twinge with a bit of anxiety, pass out, maniacally stress eat, pinch your bloated belly, .... and consider the impact your food choices from that meal and those before it, may have played. Learning how to course correct is an opportunity to support yourself in a whole new way. And should you want to try a diet, the knowledge gained from intentional eating will allow you to make a more informed decision about what works for you and what doesn't.

Cuz when you're plate is full, how you fill your plate can make a difference.

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