"Does it matter what we eat for our mental health? "... diet and nutrition are not only critical for human physiology and body composition, but also have significant effects on mood and mental wellbeing."

- National Institute of Health


30 years experience

BA Speech Communication, Certified Nutrition, Certified Exercise Nutrition, Personal Chef, Recipe Strategist



Meet Ilana:

Ilana has provided and/or guided the NFL, Explosive Performance, Title Nine Boxing, Sport and Health and Orange Theory members with food and nutrition. After struggling with weight as a teen, a trauma set off an eating disorder.  Frustrated with not finding a reliable method to eat that didn't entail dropping food groups, adding calories, weighing food or taking into account reali life she recognized her eating habits were tied to her mood.  With that she reserached the connection between mood and food and learned that when you experience a mood your body may be low in specific vitamins and minerals.  WIth that, she began eating foods that were high in the nutrients missing based on how she was feeling.  She has shared this method with thousands of people over the years and it continues to offer a sustainable and mindful approach to truly aligning mind and body in a self supporting way.  Ilana navigates you through nutritional choices until you have a sustainable, customized food plan and/or customized recipes to not only reach your goal but to also nourish your ability to manage your life with a strong sense of self.  Ilana has collaborated with a PhD in molecular biology creating recipes nutrient dense in researched foods for varying illnesses and is a resource for those with illnesses and food restrictions. Ilana has taught cooking classes, produced and hosted a cooking show and has been featured on Sirius radio. After years of traveling and working around the world, including years in the film industry in Los Angelos, she is a single mother of five boys. When asked how she eats and what she trains for she responds, “My life!” Let her help you eat for yours!


Strategic Partners

Over a span of 10 years I had 5 boys, all C-Sections.  With each recovery period I enlisted the support of a trainer.  Each trainer has different approaches and styles yet regardless of whom I worked with I learned more about my strengths & weaknesses, correctives and progressives.  Please click on the link below each trainer to learn more about their approach.


For locals who don’t want to deal with cooking, please check out Simple Grill as we are collaborating to deliver your targeted meals.


Coming Soon:  Pura Vida House in Costa Rica where we will be designing reboot retreats in a private villa with a personal chef.  In the interim, Ilana can design a specific menu for you for the duration of your stay at Pura Vida.


Chef Ed

Eat Simple Grill



Trained Chef Ed was an Executive Chef within Sport and Health when he ventured to create Eat Simple Grill preparing and delivering clean food for athletes and busy folks alike.  Ed will be featuring Mood Food Recipes for delivery as well as working with Ilana to deliver your targeted meals at your convenience.


Title Boxing Club

Fairfax VA/Springfield VA Locations





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Devon Jones




Hi, I'm Devon, a personal trainer and strength coach experienced in working with people of all ages and fitness levels. My personal fitness journey and struggles have motivated me to help others, from young athletes to weekend warriors, also realize and unlock their own potential in all aspects of their health and well being. By emphasizing quality movement, injury risk reduction and whole health, my clients learn to not only achieve their immediate goals but lead a more productive and satisfying life long term. 


Jake Schwind

Schwind Fitness



Jake is a certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. in Health and Human Performance. He started his own business, Schwind Fitness LLC, in 2016. Jake is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pain-Free Performance Specialist, and has certifications in RockTape and Instrument Assisted Massage. Jake has worked with a variety of clients, from losing life-changing amounts of weight to older clients feeling more comfortable and safe in their every day movements. Jakes mission is to help others live longer more capable lives than before they met him. He currently owns a gym in Fairfax, VA where he happily trains clients and cheers on members throughout their workouts!



Mansur Mendizabal

Mansur Training




With over 13 years of experience as a Fitness Professional, I train my clients to live life to the healthiest and fittest and to maximize the benefit of the time they spend with me. My philosophy begins with safety by uncovering any potential limitations such as injuries and any health history conditions. I interject positive motivation and education on the most effective exercises for each muscle group, with careful attention to proper form and appropriate weight and resistance levels. Thereafter I constantly introduce new ways to challenge the muscles and keep the body guessing. Each individual has different fitness goals. My Fitness programs are customized to each individual differently to cater to their fitness goals.



Khyrstan Camillo


Having earned a degree in Sports Administration at Fairleigh Dickinson University- Florham where I also started all four years of collegiate football positioned me to help others reach their fitness goals.  I am a NASM certified trainer and a certified HIIT Zone Instructor. Growing up I played basketball, baseball, soccer, as well as ran track. Given my athletic background and eight years of personal intense training under experienced strength and conditioning coaches I am versatile with my styles of training as well as age range working with youth all the way up to senior citizens and anyone between. Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or improve athletic performance I can help.

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Pura Vida House, Costa Rica

Reboot Retreats



We can create target menus prepared by a personal chef for your vacation



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